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On May 07 2006, I was lucky enough to be there for Arsenals final match at Highbury, 'The home of football'.

I began taking pictures as soon as we joined the crowded streets on Gillespie Road from the tube, hoovering up the images rooted in my memory of watching The Arsenal since the 70's: Burger vans, stalls on the pavements and in front gardens filled with brightly coloured scarves, shirts and memorabilia, crowded streets filled with excitement, programme sellers and police horses. It felt like quite an extraordinary day and I felt privileged to be a part of it.

I snapped every angle and every detail in and around the stands. Since then I have created a totally unique artwork, 1 metre wide, called 'Highbury Montage'. It consists of images from around the ground, before, during and after, capturing the buzzing atmosphere in the streets and in the stadium, as well as activities on the pitch, including: Avenell Road, famous architectural features, the old Police band, Wenger on the Jumbotron, Bergkamp warming up, Henry scoring the penalty, even Ian Wright parading pitch side during the ceremony after the game.

The decision to sell this print came when I sought lasting memories of the stadium on the internet, in the days following the last game. I discovered a lot of the same old material, the same old shots of the ground, unimaginative products and so on. I have also spoken to a lot of fellow Arsenal fans that feel the same way.

So, along with the 'Highbury Montage' I have produced a small range of images from my collection taken on that last day. I have many others I could (and might still) utilise, but for me I wanted to show what made the famous old ground so unique - mainly the architectural features of the East Stand and surrounding area and the atmosphere generated from a matchday crowd.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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